History has taught us that your ideas are only as good as you can market them. For hundreds of years, businesses have transformed their strategies and technologies to achieve the highest success. Yet despite the immense changes that have occurred in the art of marketing, the principles on which marketing is based have remained the same. The key to understanding this ever-changing system is to look back in time at the advancements and events that have affected the business world for centuries. Upon review of this timeline of marketing, we will see the drastic transformations as well as the principles that have remained central to even the most diverse marketing strategies.

Let us begin our journey back in time with an invention that changed the world, most particularly the world of business, in a ground-breaking way: the printing press. In 1450, the invention of the printing press allowed people to mass produce written information- a feat that used to rely on the painstaking art of handwriting copies of material. From this event flowed the first magazine release in 1741 in Philadelphia. Posters and billboards soon became popular in the 1800s as a way to reach even more potential customers. Now, people could read information from the comfort of their homes or on their daily commute to work.

A shift came in the 1920s when marketing took on new mediums that went beyond print: radio and tv. By the mid to late 1900s, radio and tv became hotspots for advertisers to promote their products to large numbers of people. We have all seen the vintage commercials that seem far too cheesy to be real. Yet, they worked incredibly well and gained customers and trumped competition like never before. In 1973, a new era of marketing emerged, known as the digital age. Mobile telephones, computers, and the rapid growth of newspapers changed the marketing scene once again, with more brands and more demand. And then, the dawn of possibly the most influential marketing tool changed the world of advertising: the internet.

Email, Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Google, Social Media, online videos, e-commerce, and the all-glorious smartphone developed, creating a whole new world of business. Information could now be transmitted online almost instantly and has continued to grow ever since. This rollercoaster ride of marketing has taken on so many faces and has changed in such drastic ways. The difference between a 1940’s family crowded around a radio and a modern day family telling Alexa to recommend a pizza place is obvious: the technology is incomparable. But in this ever-changing sea of marketing, what has remained firm? What are those principles that have always been and always will be the keys to marketing success?

Second only to the product itself, it has always been crucial to understand who your target audience is. A target audience is the group of people you, as a business owner, would like to cater to. For example, Hoover vacuum cleaners from the 1950s were often advertised for women. This was due to the fact that most people interested in vacuum cleaners were stay-at-home wives and mothers. Whether you believe in stereotypes or not, the age, gender, and background of your target audience matters. There is simply a difference between marketing dentures, and marketing legos because the target audiences for those products are different types of people with different interests and needs. Knowing your target audience will affect virtually every aspect of your marketing from branding to social media. Your product will not go far if you don’t market to your target audience well, and this has been understood by successful businesses for hundreds of years.

Another principle that has characterized marketing for centuries is creating an unforgettable image, also referred to as “branding”. Whether it is the “golden arches” of McDonalds, the Nike check mark, or the classic Coca Cola lettering, images have the power to represent an entire brand in a timeless way. Signs, logos, and advertisements all work together to create an image that people will always associate with your product. But having a distinct brand is not only about the visual aspect, although image is very powerful. To create a truly iconic brand, it is also important to let your customers know what you, as a business, are all about. Typically, we see this exemplified in a tagline, motto, or even a mission statement. However, a business doesn’t need a mission statement to maintain a good brand. It could be so apparent in the way you run your business that everyone simply knows who you are and what you stand for. The overall key to branding is this: What makes your Business Uniquely suited & better than the Competition in your Industry?

It has always been understood that no matter how good your product/service is, you must reach real people in order to make it successful. With ever-changing media platforms, it is crucial for businesses to put their information in all the places that will really reach people. The many innovations we have discussed (radio, magazines, etc.) did just that. Businesses have used these platforms to reach people at home, on their way to work, and during leisure activities. The key was to find out where people would be, and to put the brand of your business in that place. This principle still rings true today as businesses strive to reach people in everyday situations and places. And now, the majority of people are walking around with a platform in their hands and pockets. The Smartphone has brought the customer very close to the business, and vice-versa. To reach real people and real customers, it is crucial to have your brand present on a Ranking website and Social Media, In addition to having Hi-quality Positive Reviews about your business and investing in Local Search Engine Optimization. These are all the modern answers to the timeless question: how can I reach more people?

Unfortunately, with this huge digital world, it has become easier for people to spread information that is false or manipulative. Because of this, it has become more and more necessary to protect the platforms that you promote your business on. Insecure websites, bad reviews, and misinformation can be the downfall of a business, no matter how amazing the service or product is. These issues were not as prevalent in previous centuries. However, if you provide authentic information and take security measures online, it could put you above countless others that don’t want to invest in their online presence. Google holds the keys to having a successful marketing presence online, especially when it comes to how high your website or Local Business Listing is ranking in search results. Google has always encouraged businesses to provide great content to their customers; with sayings such as “Content is King”.  Do you post blogs on your site? How often and what are they about? These are some questions for any business owner to ask. Content greatly affects a business’s ranking in Google, which greatly impacts how many people are being reached by that business online.

Marketing is key for successful business, it always has been. It is crucial to understand these elements that have not changed over the years. These include: Knowing your target audience, creating an unforgettable brand, and reaching people on the largest scale possible have always been essential components of a successful business. By combining these tried and true concepts with modern technologies and strategies, the possibilities are endless for the modern business owner. SEO, great websites, positive reviews, and good content can be transformative for any business.

While these points seem logical, it can be a challenge for any business owner to find the time and resources to actualize these principles. That is why it is so important to choose a marketing team that will affordably, professionally, and honestly help you navigate this fast-paced, digital marketing world. At Did My Marketing, we take pride in our innovative yet reliable strategies to help businesses share their story and their product or service with the world. We understand that business owners are some of the busiest individuals in the professional world who are often asked to fill countless full-time roles. Because of this, we offer specialized services to help our clients manage things like Local SEO, reviews, social media, web content, and much more. We have chosen to embark on a path that is different from competing companies who insist on charging too much for no real results. Too many business owners reject the idea of working with a digital marketing company because it is over-priced. This is why we charge a fraction of the costs of mainstream companies; so that you can afford to use these game-changing tools to market your business.

We believe in giving the power back to you. With our unique blend of timeless wisdom and new technology, we will act as your consultant in this ever-changing world of modern business. We will be with you every step of the way as your partner. Let us help tell your story and share your brand with the world.

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