Google is constantly updating, changing, and evolving online marketing strategies that can directly affect advertisers and those trying to get their product recognized online. One of Google’s most recent announcements has to do with the construction of display ads. A new default display format eliminates a good deal of hassle for advertisers seeking to create the most effective display ads.

Google now provides an assets performance report with categories for headlines, descriptions, and images used in a particular ad. Advertisers can now upload their assets into these categories and Google’s algorithms determine the most effective and powerful versions of each category. In this Google Ads interface, each category option is rated by a “best” “good” or “low” rating, to automatically determine the best options for the advertiser.

Additionally, with options that do not have enough data collected, Google will label it “learning” to indicate that it cannot be determined without further information. Google stresses the importance and attraction of these display ads and is now continuing to make them easier for advertisers to construct. Now, it is simply a matter of entering several versions of assets and sitting back as Google rates them for you.

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