Google is constantly updating, expanding, and growing in the digital world. Yet, different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have competed for online interest and traffic due to their convenience and overall entertaining nature. Even though we associate things like Facebook with avoiding boredom, Facebook has evolved into a strong marketing tool for businesses. Features such as Recommendations on Facebook provide credible advice about what services and products are trustworthy, according to a person’s friends. Businesses turn to social media to advertise simply because so many people will see their ad and possibly become new customers.

In these ways, social media has an edge on Google. However, with Google’s experts working tirelessly to produce the best programs and updates, Google may be rising above, even against these social platforms. One way in which Google is showing its innovation in these fields is through Google Posts. A Google Post is essentially a blurb paired with a picture which appears in the Knowledge Panel for businesses. Sound like a Facebook post or a tweet? Well, it is. These Google Posts mimic the convenient, social media posts that can quickly relay information to a potential customer. An eye-catching photo of your product can be attached to the blurb, as well as links to share or even to purchase the product online.

This extremely useful feature used to be available for only a select number of business types. Now, Google has expanded this tool to any Google My Business user. Whether you are featuring new products to purchase online, or you are promoting a charity event with your business, Google Posts add very effective marketing to your Maps and any Google Searches that find your business. The point of these posts is to keep your customers or potential customers updated on what is new with your business, which echoes the point of marketing on social media platforms as well.

Google Posts are very effective in providing customers with a convenient link right from Google Search or Google Maps. When a person searches for your service or product, they will see your Google My Business listing as well as whatever Google Posts you have put out. Immediately, they see what your newest post is, giving you a great opportunity to market straight from Google. But this convenience is not just limited to the customer. Google has easy-to-use options to create your Google Posts and to customize fonts and link-words such as “Buy” and “Learn More”. This setup makes it easy for businesses to create unique posts that grab both attention and new customers.

Google Posts is just another way that Google is expanding and getting ahead of other online platforms. To stay updated on similar news, please visit our News and Education page at

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