The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can evoke some intimidating images. HAL 9000, the menacing AI that uses its infallible “mind” to manipulate the space crew in the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey, certainly comes to mind. The topic of Bots used in websites might sound like a dangerous AI robot that will end up taking over the world with its infallible computer brain.
I’m going to ask you to make a distinction in your mind between useful bots and potentially dangerous AI that you see in movies or hear about being used in military trials. Don’t let fear of unknown, alienistic robots put a bad taste in your mouth for chatbots. The bots I’m talking about could help your website and social media become optimally user-friendly and ahead of the game, and they are programmed only with the information you choose.
Whether your business is thriving or could use a boost, incorporating a chatbot into your site and social media platforms can transform your customers’ experience and support of your business. Here are some key benefits to utilizing this breakthrough technology for your business:

It saves time. With a pre-programed chatbot to answer all the questions for you, your customers will be able to get the information they need without taking you away from your business. This gives you more time to put into the working of your business. It also saves time for your customers by giving them immediate answers to their questions.
It is a good experience. When customers visit your site, they are looking for a convenient, personal explanation of your services. If a particular client has a question, they can easily type in the chat box and get an immediate response from the chatbot. This efficiency and personal touch gives the customer an overall good experience on your site.
It is easy. Once you have programmed the bot responses, maintaining the bot is very easy. The bot does much of the work for you, and ensures a reliable platform for your customers to learn from.

These are just some of the many benefits to incorporating a chatbot into your online presence. To build your business and optimize your site to be user-friendly, chatbots are a logical next step. However, even with these benefits, there are some elements that require caution.
There are many ways to obtain and design chatbots that are not as secure or safe as the proper channels. Here at Did My Marketing, we will go above and beyond your expectations while making sure every element of your bot is properly constructed and coded. We want to give you a reliable chatbot, and we can with our team of experts. If you are interested in boosting your business with this powerful tool, we can help you do it safely and effectively.

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