A common theme among successful digital marketing experts is the production of good content. Currently, there is a huge competition when it comes to content. There are so many people writing about so many topics that you need to stand out more than ever. In 50 seconds, a person could find 6,640,000 results from searching for blogs about obscure deep ocean fish; what makes your blog about obscure deep ocean fish come up first? The point is, it is more difficult than ever to get people to view your content, especially if you aren’t aware that in the world of digital marketing, content is King.

There are countless reasons why content is paramount, and what elements make for great content, but that topic would merit its own blog. For now, let us turn our attention to the Queen of digital marketing, more commonly referred to as link-building.

Link building is the crucial avenue by which customers visit your content. The links on your own site, and your links that are found on other sites, have a great impact on your overall rankings. When authoritative, honest links are directed to a website, they give that site a certain credibility that other websites might not have. This makes sense. If 20 of your friends recommend a pizza place, you are more likely to go there than if a few or none of them recommended it. When people who are credible recommend something, it makes that something credible. The same goes for link building. The more good links you have on your site, and the more credible sites that post your links, the more your digital presence and good reputation grows. In addition, the more places where your links are found, the more traffic you will gain and the higher Google will rank you. Links are often the forgotten factor that is building you up or tearing you down.

When great content and strong, frequent link-building work together, they govern your digital marketing like a gracious king and queen. Providing content that is credible, honest, and relevant will place you ahead of so many sites that lack good information. Additionally, your links will guide customers to your content and will help build your rankings in the online world. For more information about digital marketing, please visit our News and Education page .

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